Sam Loves Austin

Each day 110 people relocate to Austin, Texas. On September 14, 2012, I was one of them.

Everyone has their story as to why they chose to relocate and mine is simple, I was in love.

On the day of my college graduation, my best friend convinced me with only words that we should move to Austin. I had never been there and imagined it was a mythical drunken fairytale in the middle of some street called 6th.

Just like that, it was only one visit during the summer of 2011 that convinced me that the hype was very real and there was more to Austin than the myth of Dirty 6th. 

I had never been anywhere I had more fun, felt more alive and could be 100% myself until my heart melted along with the Texas heat.

Now after four years of being resident, I still pinch myself every day because "Holy Sh!t, Samantha. You really live here."

Thousands of people visit every day, only getting a small glimpse of the fairytale that is Austin but somehow I am lucky enough to experience it every day.

From the food, music, nightlife to the culture, this city is filled with more magic than I could ever explain. But with Sam Loves Austin, my photos and experiences, I'm sure as hell going to try.

I created this portion of my blog for those pinch myself moments. Those moments when you're falling in love and have to tell the world for it to feel real.

It's time to reveal just how much this city has stolen such a large piece of my heart.

And that's why I'm here to share why I, Sam, love Austin.